Gooey On the Inside was an amazing scene, and an incredible moment in time of art and music but it is time to for us close the curtains on this.

We have both moved onto new exciting projects.
Keep in touch with us if you want.... and THANKYOU!!!!
we are keeping this blog up for historical purposes. please browse it thoroughly to find all the cool wack shit we did XXXXXXXXXXXX

Q: What is Gooey on The Inside?
A: Gooey on the Inside was an underground art, music and event organisation curated by Kati Cubby and Holly Fluxx that successfully hosted over 40 separate events (from 2007-2010).

Our events included art exhibitions, live music performances, dance parties, artist markets, workshops, skill shares, contemporary dance performances, writings, theatre performances, fundraisers, live video streams, panel discussions and fashion shows, as well as a combination of many of these simultaneously.

Highlights of Gooey On the Inside include:
- A live music and art event in Berlin, Germany (The Slumber Party)
- A live music and art event in Santiago, Chile (La Cunt Rave)
- A well received music showcase compilation cd (Hit Machine XXIVIVX), featuring Gooey on the Inside artists from Indonesia, Japan, Chile, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and across Australia.
- An invitation to speak at This Is Not Art Festival 2008 on "How to start a scene from scratch"
- Producing our own specialist radio programs for 3CR and SYN fm
- Over 40 successful dynamic and diverse events spanning the course of three years
- Featured in an interview and full page spread in UK magazine "Super Super" as well as local Australian zines

Focusing on young people who identified as women, trans, queer, and people of colour, we strived to create space, agency, audience, support and a thriving, dynamic environment and build a community for our artists.

We have now moved on to other projects, but can be contacted via email: and

thanks so much
love kati and holly!

Friday, April 11, 2008


from the Guardian:
"Hundreds of women and children have been removed by the authorities from a Texan cult accused of forcing underage girls into marriage and subjecting them to physical abuse. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has 10,000 followers, a $3m ranch called Yearn for Zion and a leader, Warren Jeffs, who is in jail.

What is not explained in any of the news reports so far is what membership of a polygamous cult could possibly offer its female members. Yet pictures showing the women and girls being bussed from the sect's headquarters have shed light on at least one unlikely advantage - great hair. As the women were taken into custody and investigators started searching their home, they each sported elegant quiffs, complicated plaits or multiple buns; hair so intricately woven that one hairdresser has called it "classic couture".

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