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We have both moved onto new exciting projects.
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Q: What is Gooey on The Inside?
A: Gooey on the Inside was an underground art, music and event organisation curated by Kati Cubby and Holly Fluxx that successfully hosted over 40 separate events (from 2007-2010).

Our events included art exhibitions, live music performances, dance parties, artist markets, workshops, skill shares, contemporary dance performances, writings, theatre performances, fundraisers, live video streams, panel discussions and fashion shows, as well as a combination of many of these simultaneously.

Highlights of Gooey On the Inside include:
- A live music and art event in Berlin, Germany (The Slumber Party)
- A live music and art event in Santiago, Chile (La Cunt Rave)
- A well received music showcase compilation cd (Hit Machine XXIVIVX), featuring Gooey on the Inside artists from Indonesia, Japan, Chile, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and across Australia.
- An invitation to speak at This Is Not Art Festival 2008 on "How to start a scene from scratch"
- Producing our own specialist radio programs for 3CR and SYN fm
- Over 40 successful dynamic and diverse events spanning the course of three years
- Featured in an interview and full page spread in UK magazine "Super Super" as well as local Australian zines

Focusing on young people who identified as women, trans, queer, and people of colour, we strived to create space, agency, audience, support and a thriving, dynamic environment and build a community for our artists.

We have now moved on to other projects, but can be contacted via email: and

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

myspace is a "wasteland"

myspace is dead. -- oi, so this is really really obvious and we ALL figured this out, like more then 1 year ago, but i just read this comment by brendan webb on FB

"logging into myspace is like walking into a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie.
the number of 'friends' you have on there means absolutely nothing and spam is rampant.....
it's a wasteland
... it's an ok way to showcase your music and ... let people know when you're doing a show but there has to be a better solution..."

hahahaha i love that its called a wasteland. its so fucking true and interesting and amazing


  1. hello. perhaps it's true it looks like a wasteland and with spam overloading yer page. but u could do with checking the privacy box and delete comments that r deemed spam.

    i had trouble uploading my krump videos onto myspace becuz it's too slow n decided to set up a fbook acct. however after uploading videos onto youtube and linking it to myspace and onto blogspot, i much rather use them than fbook bcuz i can make ma pages unique with colours and layouts n trying to learn basic codings... and because ma videos are rather dark in its colours, they look heaps better on myspace and ma yotube channel.... they may be simple but at least it will be unique to me. now i look at fbook pages and all ma frens pages like a flock of sheep. rather bland and just boring.

    but i guess, fbook is meant for socialising whereas myspace is devoted fully to musik....

    whatever suits an individual to promote and make their art out there 4 people....

    headz up to gooeyontheinside. i luv that post on tintype photos. ive emailed dinah abt creating tintypes fotos maself...

    hello kati & holly ~~~~



  2. hey edryan!! yes i agree, i really miss myspace cuz of all the fun you could have "editing" it and personallising it....
    as the quote says "it's an ok way to showcase your music ...but there has to be a better solution..."

    i think the issue with myspace, and the reason why brendan called it a "wasteland" is because its just not really being used anymore. its still cool that you can control it and choose how it looks, its really fucking useful if you are an artist!!! but the issue is that no one goes to myspaces anymore ...or very rarely.

    i think a bigger problem is the ....i dunno...the online world is waiting for a new thing....better then FB...with more elements then stuff like soundcloud/bandcamp/last fm....
    but who knows when that shit will hit. i dunno maybe i dont even care, i have a myspace, a fb, about 5 blogs, a youtube, a flickr, its tooo much, waaaay too much.
    if something cool existed that was just free websites where you could have all those things it would be so much better, and that you could design and edit the layout/function/form however you wanted etc etc.........

    xxxxxx kati

  3. hey kati.

    i didn't know myspace had become a wasteland. pretty late fer me huh ...i only started using it last year at the start of winter because i felt i had to do sumthing abt ma creative work. and very reluctant to start fbook but in the end , i decided to use it to link up whatever that i have and try to use it as minimal as i can.

    i am rather insular abt ma work but i thought to maself ' fuck it, i'm gonna archive everything and put it out ' . and i was happy to see it coming thru becuz i can see tha body of work that i had done.

    at the moment, i would consider ma blogspot 2b ma main site and the rest will be its subsidary. but yeah, i do enjoy messing around with the lay outs and codes.

    it would be awesome if some nerd would be able to break out or hack the codes to change layouts for fbook. i remember couple of years ago, reading something abt how myspace was only beneficial for musicians and fbook was used by professionals. and myspace was more for the ordinary folks and fbook was for the more "sophisticated" crowd. i dunno what that meant.. whether it was a segregration of users...and at that time, i wasn't even using both at all....

    once , i wanted to hear prurient stuff online and check out his myspace. but it didn't exist. and i read an interview of him and he disliked myspace because he came from a tape exchange / trading/ writing / correspondence world and he felt that myspace was a lazy way of finding out music when he felt that music was all about connecting thru physical means, rather than a virtual way.

    i do enjoy the word wasteland and apocalyptik environments. it was interesting 4 brendan to call it a wasteland. like a ghost town being obliterated to smithereens and all we have is just an abyss...

    and i do wonder what would be next after fbook. perhaps fbook will be a wasteland too in a couple of years....


  4. yeah i LOVE LOVE LOVE that its called a post apocalyptic wasteland!!!!! i think its so fucking good, thats why i posted it here. xxxxx

  5. crime-ridden sewer of frenetic debauchery, a prime breeding ground of evil