Gooey On the Inside was an amazing scene, and an incredible moment in time of art and music but it is time to for us close the curtains on this.

We have both moved onto new exciting projects.
Keep in touch with us if you want.... and THANKYOU!!!!
we are keeping this blog up for historical purposes. please browse it thoroughly to find all the cool wack shit we did XXXXXXXXXXXX

Q: What is Gooey on The Inside?
A: Gooey on the Inside was an underground art, music and event organisation curated by Kati Cubby and Holly Fluxx that successfully hosted over 40 separate events (from 2007-2010).

Our events included art exhibitions, live music performances, dance parties, artist markets, workshops, skill shares, contemporary dance performances, writings, theatre performances, fundraisers, live video streams, panel discussions and fashion shows, as well as a combination of many of these simultaneously.

Highlights of Gooey On the Inside include:
- A live music and art event in Berlin, Germany (The Slumber Party)
- A live music and art event in Santiago, Chile (La Cunt Rave)
- A well received music showcase compilation cd (Hit Machine XXIVIVX), featuring Gooey on the Inside artists from Indonesia, Japan, Chile, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and across Australia.
- An invitation to speak at This Is Not Art Festival 2008 on "How to start a scene from scratch"
- Producing our own specialist radio programs for 3CR and SYN fm
- Over 40 successful dynamic and diverse events spanning the course of three years
- Featured in an interview and full page spread in UK magazine "Super Super" as well as local Australian zines

Focusing on young people who identified as women, trans, queer, and people of colour, we strived to create space, agency, audience, support and a thriving, dynamic environment and build a community for our artists.

We have now moved on to other projects, but can be contacted via email: and

thanks so much
love kati and holly!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

shut up dumb haters

i just read this on Melbourne street Fashion.......
they have a section where there is street fashion pics, and everyone leaves comments......
anyway, there was some bitchy shit and i just really liked the shut down... it is bitchy aswell hahaha but fair enough man and there are somethings in it that i think are good points that i have made bold, check it out....


CazzoNelCulo - 01-06-09
you lot are so diplomatic! she and those clothes are terrible! some people don't have the physical make up to pull of the style of a fashionista, she's certainly not one of them!

weegee - 04-06-09
as if you know anything cazzonelculo. seriously, some of you people who comment should go crawl into that hole you came out of and die.
a fashionista isn't about what your body is like!!!
yay if you are a size zero and can wear the latest mark fast knit. but any small size person could do that and it doesn't make them a fashionista.
Fashionista and style are different, but they are both about a individual perspective. THAT IS FASHION. THAT IS ART.
Lagerfield has Beth Ditto as his latest muse and Gaultier and Galliano have both used plus sized models as muses. Beth Ditto was also on the cover of Love, ID, Nylon + more. Crystal Renn is AMAZING. Johanna Drey modelled for Galliano. and look at Velvet D'Amour.
Cazzonelculo you are utterly inane to say that being of a certain physical make up can make or break you as a fashionista. YOU MUST KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FASHION.
Even though your picture isn't on here cazzonelculo that girl is a fashionista and you are just some lame try hard you comes online and pays people out. nice to know that you hold yourself in the high esteem that I bet the rest of the world doesn't, and I definitely don't.
I hope Kia reads this and takes it all in her stride.
Oh, and I think she looks great and that is a great outfit.


  1. each time i discover something new on your blog, i fall more and more in love with you girls...

    love, LOVE this post!

    and for the record, i haven't seen the site or the pic but i always think real fashionista's (reguardless of size) are too busy out and about getting their fabulous strut on.....scenester sites for "street fashion" and all that shit are just for insecure, unimaginitive and no talent nobodies who don't have the balls to express themselves creativly in the real world and need a website to tell them what does and doesn't look good...

    i'd feel pretty shit about myself if i had to sit at home flicking through blog pages to be told "whats in fashion" so no wonder she's a bitter old jaded bitch getting her jealous hater stare on

  2. p.s Lagerfield + Beth Ditto =AMAZING!!!!