Gooey On the Inside was an amazing scene, and an incredible moment in time of art and music but it is time to for us close the curtains on this.

We have both moved onto new exciting projects.
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Q: What is Gooey on The Inside?
A: Gooey on the Inside was an underground art, music and event organisation curated by Kati Cubby and Holly Fluxx that successfully hosted over 40 separate events (from 2007-2010).

Our events included art exhibitions, live music performances, dance parties, artist markets, workshops, skill shares, contemporary dance performances, writings, theatre performances, fundraisers, live video streams, panel discussions and fashion shows, as well as a combination of many of these simultaneously.

Highlights of Gooey On the Inside include:
- A live music and art event in Berlin, Germany (The Slumber Party)
- A live music and art event in Santiago, Chile (La Cunt Rave)
- A well received music showcase compilation cd (Hit Machine XXIVIVX), featuring Gooey on the Inside artists from Indonesia, Japan, Chile, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and across Australia.
- An invitation to speak at This Is Not Art Festival 2008 on "How to start a scene from scratch"
- Producing our own specialist radio programs for 3CR and SYN fm
- Over 40 successful dynamic and diverse events spanning the course of three years
- Featured in an interview and full page spread in UK magazine "Super Super" as well as local Australian zines

Focusing on young people who identified as women, trans, queer, and people of colour, we strived to create space, agency, audience, support and a thriving, dynamic environment and build a community for our artists.

We have now moved on to other projects, but can be contacted via email: and

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love kati and holly!

Friday, July 24, 2009

trife parlour crew are cool

heres what happend.
i went to this hiphop night thing 'Awwww Shit', at this bar in fitzroy. from the write up it seemed like a really cool thing, just like some djs, and heaps of couches and pizzas for only 7 bucks. one of the djs was gonna be raceless (from curse ov dialect) so i went and dragged along my friends.
once we got there, i realised it wasnt really the the right thing for my mates...after about an hour 4 friends left. leaving me with only 3 friends.

anyway, after raceless dj'd a solid set of nearly all public enemy songs, i didnt know who was gonna dj or how long i wanted i stay.


suddenly i saw this really bright blue skirt over on the dancefloor. and me and my friends where like WHO is THAT. everyone in melbourne is so afraid of colour in there clothes.....and we looked over, and there was suddenly all these cool girls on the dancefloor who were all REALLY GOOD DANCERS!!! and we were like....omg.....

now for ppl reading this who are like pffft who cares about this story, who cares about some girls wearing colourful clothes doing really good dancing at a hiphop sorry but you clearly dont go out in melbourne very much. cuz this was a very special event.
me and my friends sat on our couch behind the curtain for 15 mins just watching them before we got the courage to go to couches closer to the dancefloor. eventually my three mates got up and started dancing, but i went back to my couch and ate a pizza.

all of a sudden, the music suddenly went from weird obscure crap music to TOTALLY BANGING SHIT and everyone was dancing and i looked up and the cool girls where Djing!!!!!
holy shit!!! they were so cool and they kept yelling cool shit into the mic between songs, so amazing.
this is them, the trife parlour crew. i texted my friend straight away who put on the night and was like "who are the girl djs" and he texted me back there names and i kind of internet stalked them and stumbled across there blog, and its really really amazing, they are a crew of really strong women who are ALL artists in there own right and total individuals.

i have been following the blog and its really good and really funny!!! lots of pro women, supportive stuff. and there is a really good line somewhere in there, along the lines of "yeah, i fucked usher, but only cuz his 6 pack was soooo fine" hahahaha! amazing.

and there has been all these DUMB CUNTS giving them shit for being supportive + biased towards projects and art made by people of colour, and the girls have written really amazing smart and funny stuff shutting all the dumb racist cunts down.

anyway. go see them dj, they are 100% cool bitches.

xxx kati

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  1. awwwww!!!!! we are SOOOO flattered! thankyou so much gorgeous girl. next time we want you up on the dancefloor!!!


    p.s i decided to get my own internet stalk on and track you lovely ladies down on facebook